Venn Diagram – crafting a model

My grade 8 Maths classes are doing an academic prompt about Venn Diagram by classifying objects / people / problems / hobbies / anything relates to their life, then crafting a model for it.

All classes, 8A – F, did wonderfully the project. Some of the students came up with extraordinary ideas and results.

The basic purposes for this academic prompt are:

1. Students able to describe and explain the universe, each set and how it relates to them.

2. Students are correctly placing each objects in the correct parts of the circle (set).

3. Students choose a unique set that is related to their life (and put theory into practice).

4. Students use variation of materials and equipments to create interesting presentation.

Below are the photo galleries of what I took during the activities and several results of Venn Diagram from 8A, 8B and 8F.

So then, how about you 8C, 8D and 8E? 🙂 I challenge you to think of something different for your universe and sets.


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