Bad Habit of Smoking (1)

Journal Writing

Helen Susanto 8D/15

1. The price of 5 different cigarette packs are:


          *Data obtained from interview with the worker at Indomaret Permata Buana


2a. Peter’s father smoke 30 cigarettes / day.

      The mean price of the 5 brands of cigarettes:

(Price LA light red + price LA light green + price 234 Dji Sam Soe + price gudang    garam surya red +price mild seven) / 6 = (12.500 + 12.700 + 14.300 + 12.500 + 18.200)/6 = 70.200/6 =Rp 14.040,-

1 year = 365 days

Peter’s father will save his money if he stop smoking for 1 year= 

=    (14,040/16) x 30 x 365

=    877,5 x 30 x 365

=    26,325 x 365

=    Rp 9.608.629

So, Peter’s father will save Rp 9.608.629 if he stop smoking for one year.

2b. After research, we get this price table:


If Peter’s father smokes 30 cigarettes each day, for one year, he will spend Rp 9.608.629,-. If he gives up on smoking, he can save the money and use it to buy something else. Peter’s father can buy all of the things above if he save his money that he usually used to buy smoke for 1 year. The total of the gadgets above is Rp 9.579.000,-. Even Peter’s father still have Rp 29.629,- left.

3. Is kicking a bad habit of smoking a good idea? Here my findings:

Nowdays, people are prohibited to smoke in public areas, such as malls, restaurants, or office buildings. Actually, smoking is bad, wherever you do smoke. Smoking is bad for our health. Smoking is responsible for several diseases, such as cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and heart disease, that will soon lead to death. A research proved that 440,000 people in USA died each year because of smoking.  One cigarette consist mainly of nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar. Nicotine is highly addictive, that’s why it is hard to quit. It is used as a highly controlled insecticide. If our body receive this all the time it will cause vomit, seizures, CNS problems, and growth retardation. That’s why it is dangerous. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which the body finds it hard to differentiate it with oxygen, so it will absorb it to the blood stream. If we inhale this gas, it causes fatigue, weakness, dizziness, and even in some cases, we can go into coma and die. The last one is tar. This consist of several cancer-causing chemicals. It is frightening to know when a smoker inhales a cigarette smoke, 70% of the tar will stick to the lungs. This is why the lungs of smokers are usually black. All of this harmful chemicals will later lead to death.

However, when we smoke, we’re not only the one who got all the disadvantages. When a smoker smoke, the other people’s health around was put at risk. They became the “indirect-smokers”. Why? The smoke they produce will affect the air, where everybody inhales. The carbon monoxide will be inhaled by everybody else too. Also, the cigarette butts could cause water and land pollution, because it needs 25-26 years from decompose. Imagine if the cigarette buts ends up in rivers, where everyone need the water to live. It will be very harmful.

Smoking means declaring that we want to die, and dragging others to die with us. It is not the best. If you stop the smoking habit, or even don’t smoke, that is the best. You don’t need to worry to have cancers or heart problems. At least, the chance to get those horrible diseases will decrease if you don’t smoke. Also, it is healthy for all people around us. For Peter’s father, if he stops smoking, he won’t have any concerns to suffer cancers and it is healthy for his family too. Also, we can save our money. Cigarettes these days are very expensive. For quitting smoking 1 year, we can already buy a digital camera, mini hi-fi system, nicam stereo TV, and even a refrigirator too. It’s like doing the best, then  get the best bonus too. Maybe at first, a smoker will only feel that he/she will smoke if someone offer. But, remember that smoke consist of the addictive nicotine. One day, a smoker will   do anything to buy smoke, including robbing, or even killing. That’s why smoking is extremely dangerous. So, stop smoking is a good thing. It will safe money, good for health, respecting the others around us, and it can decrease the chance of terrorism too.


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