Among Friends and Besties

Thursday, 10 January 2013 was a big day for students because they had “class party” with their firends and besties and also celebrating Christmas after two weeks semester one break.

In the morning, we had mass. After that, students (led by OSIS)  performanced in Gym, and then lunch in their own classroom. Students prepared everything by themselves. Teachers are invited to their classroom and I got invitation from class 9A…. yeayyy….

Anggia led us in prayer, Pak Dharma as their homeroom teacher gave simple speech about the meaning of togetherness and continued by having lunch together…..”Nasi tumpeng”, Indomie goreng (Indonesian simplest favourite food, I guess ;)), fruit punch, magnummmmm, snack, cookies, pudding, and many more 😀

All students had fun and finish their time with free time, chit chat and dance 🙂 shuffling and gangnam style 🙂

Two simple videos below are taken from their free time after having lunch.

Enjoy !!! <3




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