Test Overview, Monday 22 August 2011

The test runs in smoothly. No one absent today, thanks God 🙂

In only 35 minutes test or in every test session, I don’t like to be asked by students because students’ concentration can be distracted by that. 

What do you think, guys, about your first test with me? The test is not hard, isn’t it? Of course, if you study hard.

Study hard doesn’t mean only study a night or two nights before the test. If you stay focus and concentrate in every lesson and do your homework in properly, you can face the test in easily. Some of you who always struggle in mathematics, mathematics can be studied by following step by step working solutions, memorize the pattern or type of questions. Probably, if there are some of you who want to testify those mentioned by me, please reply here 🙂

Stella…..you are amazing, perfect score for you

Brian…… you tried hard, didn’t you? (y)

Benny……….your chat was awesome :p in our chat room

Andrew…….you need to improve your hand writing :), actually, you have good logic in maths

Clarissa Donna………quick to catch up the things because of sickness (y)

Venisha………keep up the good work

Kenny……….always use English to chat with me, thanks Kenny for improving mine :p

Marsha…………proficiat on your Skate competition in Bangkok. You are fast learner, catch up the lesson during your absentees, ok? (y)

OMG, I want to mention all of you………….bisa gak muat space nya Oh No!!!


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