Summary from Monday, 15 Aug 2011

Guys, power point presentation, presented by Mr. Yulian is available in But, before that, to remind you about the lesson today, please answer this following questions by replying as the comment. Who want to be the first 10 students reply for the following questions below?

1. Mention one characteristics of two parallel lines. hint: related to their gradients.

2. Mention one characteristics of two perpendicular lines. hint: related to their gradients.

3. \frac{3}{2} and -\frac{2}{3} is called a pair of ……………… hint: when you multiply both numbers together, the result is -1.

4. Negative reciprocal of \frac{5}{4} is…………….

5. Why 2x+y=5 and y=-2x+2 are said parallel? hint: make y the subject (ubahlah menjadi y = ) for the first equation and refer to question number 1.

6. Do the lines x+3y=3 and 3y=9x+5 perpendicular? Give reason! hint: make y the subject (ubahlah menjadi y = ) for the second equation and refer to question number 2.

Check for the second online homework that will be opened by tomorrow. 

6 thoughts on “Summary from Monday, 15 Aug 2011”

  1. I am sorry, ma’am Hedy, but can you please do not put the fraction as picture there, because it is quite blurry.

    ~ Jonathan 9.4

    1. Jonathan, even though the picture is quite blur, but you can still see on it, do you?
      Thanks for the input, i will check on it later a s a p.
      However, the real math assessment will be delivered in, then you will see the clear picture of the equations.

      1. miss i forget my password on site cause i’ve change the password on, could you tell me?

      1. try to answer six questions above….. i want to know which part that you don’t understand.

        Then, go to, download the PPT from sir yulian.
        Ask me during lesson tomorrow if you still don’t understand.

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