Collaboration using Google Docs – In Mathematics Class –

Collaboration can be defined as working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve goals. Students are invited and taught to have the ability to be helpful and make necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal.

This level of engagement that makes students feel like they’re together in the same room.

In my class, the goal of this activity is making my G9 students remember all the topics that we covered in class for two semesters. When they remember it, easier for them to recalling the problem and reconnect to the questions. Students need to prepare for their semester two final exam (paper based exam).

Below are the procedure of the activity:

  1. Listing the syllabus that had been covered for two semesters.
  2. I summarise in a document (in google docs).
  3. Share the document to students. All students have the same access to edit the document, except to change access and adding new people.
  4. In class – 2 hours lesson, they must post questions per outcomes from syllabus and answer their friends posting. They can create their own questions, take from text book or past paper, insert pictures, browsing from internet. I check each question and put comments to state correct or wrong questions or answers that they have posted. When they find it wrong, they will fix it and after that click on “marked as resolved”.
  5. Students can continue add questions or answer it at home. They are given 24 hours to complete it.
  6. This activity graded as an individual assessment, with the criteria (Rubric) as follows:
    • Number of questions posted in the document.
    • Number of questions that is answered.
    • Complexity of the questions.
    • Use of g(Math) add-ons to present equations / expressions / functions in document.
  7. Marking given when I trace the revision history in the document.


As a basic knowledge, students must install g(Math) add-ons in their own shared document. Below are the instructions:

In the document: 

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.30.53 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.31.17 AM


Watch the video tutorial when needed, then install it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.31.48 AM


After installing g(math), you can create math expressions:

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.51.02 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.52.11 AM     Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.52.53 AM

Create a graph:

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.05.06 AMScreen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.58.46 AM


Create a statistical display:

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.05.18 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.00.36 AM


Create a handwriting entry:

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.05.27 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.04.44 AM

You can use another add-ons, Kaizena to add voice comments to students. While we can also use g(Math) with Google Forms to create online math quizzes and tests.  Both tutorials will be given later 🙂

So, this is one example of teaching learning activities in class, especially in revision week before exam. We can create more activities engage them to be active learner. By doing this, at the end of this activity, I received a bunch of questions, and for them, suddenly, they have their own question banks (with answers) in cloud.

The following video recorded during the collaboration in class:

Souvenir from Indonesia Digital Learning 2016

We teach 21st century students, we are from 20th century teachers, we teach in 19th century school and in 18th century classroom design.


I joined seminar held by PT Telkom Indonesia, “Indonesia Digital Learning 2016” at hotel JS Luwansa, Kuningan, Jakarta.

I was pretty excited with this chance. I went there with idea to meet, to learn and relearn. To meet and greet my colleagues from many school around Jakarta. Lucky me, I met several teachers from outside Jakarta and Java. And also met my “online” colleagues from the blog that we join and follow.

IMG_4057 (1) 






Seminar was held for two days. The key speaker was Prof. Richardus Eko Indrajit. With all materials can be downloaded from website, Prof. Eko still conveyed his speech so interesting. He did very well, for “not a new thing anymore” , which means not over information about 21st century learning skills. I believe, we need to be reminded as teachers, but not too over as now we almost past 20 years of our 21st century 😄.

Teaching with technology is not only teaching use gadgets as tools. Some people still need to shift the paradigm about it. Tools for teaching doesn’t make you as the teachers who applies technologies in 21st century learning, only some parts of it.

The most important thing is how you handle situation in your teaching and learning environments. You use handy, cool, and powerful gadgets, but you still tell your students that they can not use those stuff or even calculator to help them calculate in class, means you totally misunderstanding and misinterpretation the idea of technology itself.

Back to the event, I saw bunch of teachers in different necessities, those who really want to learn new things, the other one who want to share, some want to be reminded the idea of technology in education (like me, probably 🙂 ). With many reasons, we were there and tried to do as the best as we could to involve in education, where ever we are.


IDL is one of CSR program from PT Telkom Indonesia for Improving Indonesian Education. It is amazing. Our education really need to be supported from many aspects. They also encourage teachers from all over Indonesia to involve with the improvement of the education itself.

The IDL program is to increase teachers’s competences in ICT for teaching and learning process.

One of the encouragement given is competition. Yeaaahh most people like competition, they like to compete to others. And the title for the winners is A HERO :).  For me, personally, it is kinda weird terms. You compete to be a winner, not to be a hero.

To be chosen as 45 finalists from hundreds (almost a thousand) teachers, will be a proud for teachers mostly. It’s natural feeling, isn’t it? How can you be in the 45 teachers and in few days, will come up with 8 heroes? What is the consideration from the Jury? Is it fair enough? Is the chance really for everyone? Are they looking for the real hero from all over school in Indonesia? Or they have concerns on choosing someone to be the brand of “My Teacher My Hero”? Pro and Cons come from this event.

Talking to myself, if they want to find the real Hero, they should spread the chance widely. If only given to some people and same people, their program does not work in well.

Jakarta, May 2016

Classroom Management and Personalised Learning

Throwback to my class in 2010 – 2011

There are many learning methods that can be used by a teacher.

One that I used to develop my class is through multimedia activities.

Using a classroom management software, students learned what they had acquired in accordance with the speed they was absorbing the lesson.

My Math class (6 years ago) in provided a variety of features that were engaging to students.

What I have done are putting worksheet and teaching materials, provide assessment online, provide step by step videos for personalised learning and create forum.

There are so many aspects to explore from materials and features to help students adopts multimedia technologies in learning process.

For my class, this is one method to bridge gen Z with the learning style and techniques of the past.

Catatan Harian UN (Hari ke-4)


Akhirnya tibalah di hari terakhir. IPA, dengan pemusatan pada Fisika dan Biologi. Lumayan banyak materinya. Ada sering disebut belajar kimia, seperti pernah saya menuangkan dalam artikel di sini. Namun, pada saat pemusatan konsentrasi belajar untuk UN, tidak ada lagi materi yang pernah dipelajari tersebut. Dan saya yakin, anak ini pasti akan lupa pada saatnya belajar kimia dasar nanti di SMA 🙁 *hiks*

Tidak banyak cerita yang dibawa dari sekolah, selain “Fisika lebih lancar ma kerjainnya, Biologi yaaa begitulah…”. “Begitulah” itulah yang kadang bikin “seru” 😉 .

So, tiga tahun telah berlalu dari cerita UN SD, tahu-tahu pun sekarang sudah selesai UN SMP. Akankah tiga tahun dari sekarang, UN masih ada dan memiliki aturan baru (lagi) ? Kita lihat saja nanti.


Jakarta, 12 Mei 2016



Catatan Harian UN (hari ke-3)

Bahasa Inggris

Agak telat nih menuliskan catatan hari ini, karena……mamanya marah, si Matthew pulang sekolah terlambat, gara-gara sehabis ujian, berlanjut dengan main basket di lapangan sampai lebih dari dua jam.

Ya ya ya, mensana incorpore sano, dalam tubuh yang sehat, terdapat jiwa yang sehat, maka jika sehat semua, belajarpun menjadi lebih ringan dan lancar.

Namun, mamanya tetap marah, karena selain sehat ada hal lain yang harus dipelajari yaitu belajar menahan diri, mengatur waktu dan yang terpenting belajar menghargai sebuah proses. Saat ini sedang proses 4 hari ujian, hanya 4 hari, lalu berpanas-panas olah raga tanpa kaos olah raga, bagaimana jika sakit, atau lemas. Badan malah jadi drop, tidak mampu performa dengan baik, yang rugi siapa?

Begitu deh kira-kira, omelan sore ini.

Konon dari 3 hari UN ini, mengerjakan soal bahasa Inggris adalah yang paling lumayan (demikian Matthew bercerita), walau selama ujicoba, bahasa Indonesia selalu lebih tinggi dari bahasa Inggris.

Ok lah jika merasa lebih lancar mengerjakan soal-soal, karena memang itulah yang diharapkan kamu dan mama, bukan? Mama masih menantang kamu untuk lebih “berani” bercakap dalam bahasa Inggris, bukan hanya secara uji tertulis. Gimana? 😉

Yaaahh, tinggal sehari lagi, malam ini akan berlanjut dengan belajar IPA (fisika dan biologi). Semoga sehat selalu dan tidak “kecapekan” gara-gara berterik ria di panas matahari demi basket, dan besok bisa lancar juga menjawab soalnya 🙂

Catatan Harian UN (hari ke-2)


Semalam, pas sedang belajar, Matthew berceloteh “nah, ini baru seru, pelajaran yang Matthew suka” #pembuathatimamasenang. Paling bisaaa deh kamu.

Anyway, setelah menghabiskan dua sampai tiga puluhan lembar paket matematika sejak 5 Oktober lalu, semalam, anak ini lumayan lancar lah latihan soal terakhirnya.

Astagahhh!!! puluhan lembar??? haha kesannya belajar gila-gilaan amat ya, padahal tentulah setelah lewat beberapa bulan, terlihat wah banyak sekali, termasuk di dalamnya TO saja 8 kali toh 😉 . Dan pengarsipan selama belasan tahun mengajar, habis dalam sekejap #lebay (mamanya kan suka kumpulin soal UN tapi hanya sampai 2012 lalu haha, habis itu ya malas, tinggal googling langsung ketemu semua).

Anakku ini lumayan rajin kok. Salah satu buku belajarnya seperti gambar berikut, rapiiii kan untuk ukuran anak laki-laki??? *mama minta pengakuan*. Iya salah satu buku belajar dari salah lima kaliiii 🙂 . Tidak apa-apa kok, yang penting berniat belajar dan ingin bisa bukan menghapal jawaban.


Jadi, jika memang punya niatan untuk mencoba jurusan bidang study IPA di SMA nanti, ya harus memulai dengan menyukai belajar yang lebih rapi di bidang Matematika dan IPA (Fisika maupun Biology) di SMP ini. Supaya, dengan materi yang semakin banyak nantinya, tidak akan keteteran lagi. Semoga ya Matt 🙂

Hari kedua telah usai *tarik napas panjang*. Ok, kita lanjut dengan persiapan hari ketiga ya, bahasa Inggris.


Setelah dua jam kemudian…….

Baru mendapat kabar kalau UN Matematika susaaahhhh 😉 *dari anakku* Nah lhooo

Kalau mudah, ya ketebak semua dong, tidak ada lagi logika berpikir lagi dalam menjawab soal. Bisa karena biasa, ya bagus kok, artinya konsisten belajarnya, namun bisa karena ada masalah baru, itu yang harusnya kita biasakan kan?

“Aku protes ma sama gurunya, kok soalnya susah??? Lalu kata gurunya sebab UN nya berdasarkan kurikulum 2013. Pantesan maaaa”. Ngomel si Matthew.

Langsunglah saya browsing ke Jelas tertulis kalau UN 2016 menggunakan kisi-kisi soal yang merupakan irisan kurikulum 2006 dan 2013. Yang di luar irisan, tidak dimasukkan.

Jadi, nak, sorry, mama tidak bisa menyetujui kalau alasannya adalah “korban bukan kurikulum 2013” 🙂

Susah atau mudah, memang terkadang tipis perbedaannya. Susah yang digambarkan oleh Matthew, lebih kepada logika berpikir yang lebih panjang, dan dia “stuck” tidak mampu mengembangkan tipe soal perbandingan yang biasanya hanya satu variabel, hari ini mendadak menemukan dua. Belum lagi soal mencari Toko mana dari tiga toko yang memberikan diskon termurah (biasanya hanya satu toko dan langsung ditanya diskonnya saja).

Dalam waktu 2 jam, dia keteter beberapa soal, dan panik memberikan laporan kepada saya. Lalu, apa reaksi saya??? *hmm apa ya* “apaaa nak? kamu tidak bisa semuanya? jadi kemana saja kamau selama ini kurang sih belajarnya……” Hehe… Ada sih di kepala itu, tapi setelah tarik napas, ya sudah berubah menjadi “ok lah, itu artinya pemerintah makin mencari perimbangan membuat soal yang lebih berbobot Matt, cara belajar kita (kalian) saja yang selama ini seperti membiasakan diri (saja) untuk menyambut soal ujian tertentu.

“Tapiii maaa curang, mama liat sendiri kan kemaren dan beberapa hari terakhir, Matt gak pernah nanya mama lagi, Matt sudah bisa…” *jitak-jitak* “Iya sayang……”

Catatan Harian UN (hari ke-1)

Bahasa Indonesia

Rencana mau agak beda, dengan bangun lebih pagi dan sebagainya. Hasilnya? Biasa saja, bangun jamnya biasa, semua normal. Haha, which is okay, karena sebagai mama yang berprinsip “ah cuman UN”, ya wajar pula anaknya demikian.

Ini pelajaran yang bagi saya pribadi “ampun” susahnya. Ada sesuatu “rasa”, “penguasaan” dan “kecerdasan” dalam mengolah tata bahasa tadi. #menyerahsaya

Tapi itulah fungsinya “mama”, mama tidak ingin anaknya ikutan “menyerah” 😉 #egomama.

Jadi, mama yang satu ini, walaupun sudah mengalami dua kali UN melalui anaknya, selalu ingin terus memperbaiki diri agar tidak menjadi terlalu egois menjadikan anaknya “serupa” impiannya saat melahirkan anak ini. Semakin belajar menjadi orang tua yang memiliki kewajiban mendampingi, membantu, mengasihi dan menyayangi saja (eh, dan membiayai 😉 ).

Ok, akhirnya Bahasa Indonesia UN, lewat dengan baik. Semoga hasilnya baik deh. Anaknya sendiri menyatakan, “iya, cukup sulit, membutuhkan waktu baca yang cukup sebelum yakin menghitamkan”. “Menghitamkan” bulatan *sigh*, sedih sih, kecerdasan bahasa seseorang ditest dengan pilihan berganda.

Selesai hari pertama, siap-siap untuk hari kedua, hari yang kutunggu (mamanya yang sukaaa karena math #curang hehe).