Goodbye my Cousin

Satu kalimat singkat yang dapat kuucapkan ketika berita itu kudengar….
Selamat Jalan Lidya……Yesus sudah menunggumu di sana. Rest in Peace.

Hilang semua penderitaanmu di dunia, kanker tak mampu dibendung lagi oleh semua kecanggihan ilmu kedokteran, tapi Engkau pasti memutuskan yang terbaik untuknya.

Kadang terpikir, apa yang Engkau inginkan dan rencanakan Tuhan, Lidya, mama dari dua putra yang masih membutuhkannya, tapi Engkau panggil dia di usia yang masih jauh dari kata “tua”…… Tidak sanggup lagi memikirkan itu tetapi aku percaya Engkau pasti punya rencana di atas hidup mereka.

Kami tidak berhubungan dekat, sebagai saudara sepupu hanya terikat tali persaudaraan. Lidya, yang kuingat adalah ibu yang baik, rela meninggalkan karir untuk keluarga dan ikut dengan suami keluar negri. Lidya yang periang, yang sangat aktif di lingkungan sekolah (di usia remajanya) maupun Gereja.

Satu lagi peristiwa yang bisa kuingat bahwa hidup di dunia itu adalah singkat, raga manusia dari debu dan akan kembali menjadi debu. Jiwa kita akan menemukan sebuah keabadian di atas sana.

Every single person who has ever lived will spend forever in heaven or hell. No in between. No multiple choice. As I believe that God wants Lidya in heaven.
God wants us in heaven so much that He sent His only Son to die for us. The death and resurrection of Christ is our entrance to eternity with God. Amen

Class in Library – Math UN worksheet

Bring Detik UN, worksheet, pen / pencil, scrap paper to the Library during your Maths class with me.
Monday, 27 Feb……….. page 1 – 4 – yeayy we have done it!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
Wednesday 29 Feb…… page 5 – 8
Friday 2 March………… page 9 – 12
Weekend “Sample Try Out” (40 questions) for next week.

Menghadapi Try Out besok 8 Feb 2012 – siapkah?

Beberapa tambahan untuk persiapan besok Try Out matematika, dapat diunduh melaluiย

1. Catatan tentang pengertian diagonal pada kubus atau balok

2. Video (tanpa suara) jawaban beberapa soal dari try out tahun lalu,

ini contohnya:

3. Dua tambahan soal-soal UN Prediksi 1 dan UN Prediksi 2

Wish you luck and do the best!!!

Year 9 Fieldtrip – Kandank Jurank Doank

Last Friday, on February 3rd, Year 9 went to Kandank Jurank Doank – Ciputat, South of Jakarta. It is a nature based school owned by the artist Dik Doank.

Student have to compile a report for Bahasa Indonesia, and they started to shoot, acted as a journalist even as they came to the school, during the bus trip and reporting the situation on Kandank Jurank Doank (KJD).

The bus trip was a quick ride to the west of our school, heading to Bumi Serpong Damai toll road. On arrival, students got the usual introduction, ice breakers and learned KJD staff always greets “good morning”. Natasha Adria warmed up the introduction session with her energetic mooove (like jagger?) together with Abraham.

Students were split into four group according to their classes, and each group would get points whenever they overcome a challenge. The first challenge won by Rosa and Raineer, after the two teamed up successfully against the others, following instructions after instructions, beating the other opponents. It was a tight competition, even Ryo and Winston “fight” against each other.

Other activity involving t-shirt drawing with textile colouring, and the student had to draw in about 20 minutes. They got extra points according to neatness and the tidyness of their surroundings. Four of the teachers joined in, but they have hours to finish instead of the students’ 20 minutes limit. Gracia said its unfairrrrr (patience Gracia… I didn’t draw anything ๐Ÿ˜› )

The following activity was to construct a device to keep an egg intact after being dropped to the floor from two meters height. And after that, it was dressing up a dress with newspaper. Abraham and Samuel looks so bold as kings while Michelle with her princess wand and Bella, with big bow on her back.

Before lunch the points got tallied and 9.3 was the winner because of their homeroom!!! X_X Errr…..noo…. It was because all the members of 9.3 and of course Bella, the class captain, was quick to command the class (coincidentally, her troop were the same kindergarten drill troop hehehe) yeayyy 9.3! with 2400 points!!

After lunch, just before the next activities, the soccer spirit took over. The soccer team and whoever wanted to join, ran to the field with less than a meter goal post. Marsha became the only girl as a goal keeper (your luck Marsha, since its just 60 cm ๐Ÿ˜› ).

Some slided down the field, like Shienni, Eva (multiple times), Natasha Jennifer and many students.

But then other activities got suspended after lunch since the rain seemed like it will never end. So hard was the rain, even Rex got an idea to calculate the volume of the newly formed pool ๐Ÿ™‚

“Can I get my bonus score ma”am Hedy by calculating this volume?”

And I just said “nop” (ouchh, me, so cruel).

Visiting Dik Doank art museum and decorating a pencil were the last activities. Melson thought Dik Doank work is quite ‘kewl’ ๐Ÿ™‚

Come on Melson, who know you might be an artist as good as being a basketballer.

The day were closed in the hall and group photos. Dik Doank’s guitars lined up on the wall and some student played them.

Quite a fun day, to have a trip with partners and friends. Hoping its fun and memorable for the students as well.

That is my memory, how about yours?