Video Pembelajaran – Trigonometry

Learn from problems below, there are 4 questions and solution in video.
Complete worksheet will be provided in class room.


Arvin is 150 meters from a wall, with angles of elevation to the bottom and the top of the flag pole being 25 degrees and 30 degrees respectively. What is the height of the flag pole? (Answer correct to one decimal place).



The angle of elevation from K to the top of a mountain is 14 degrees. 900 meters nearer the mountain at L the angle of elevation is 20 degrees. Find the height of the mountain. (Answer correct to two decimal places).



While sitting in a 3.8 meters high life guard tower, Kalvin sights a shark out at sea. Find the angle of depression from the tower to the shark if the shark is 141 meters from the base of the tower.



A boat leaves a port on a bearing of 150 degrees and sails for 175 km.                               a. How far is the boat now south from the port?                                                                    b. Find the true bearing of the port from the boat now!


Pearls of Wisdom

For my students:

Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success
~ Dr. Joyce Brothers ~

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.
~ Wayne Dyer ~

Students create their own success by learning what they need to learn and then by practicing it until they become proficient at it.
~ Brian Tracy ~

For my colleagues:
If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.
~ John Dewey ~

Online – UN Prediction

Today, I post the last UN prediction for online questions. And only for exercise 🙂
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I will be available on Tuesday after 11 am until 3.10 pm, only if you bring questions and not about explanation for the whole material 🙂

Time flies, and now, your end of junior high school’s life almost finish.
How good you want to end it? It depends on you but I prefer the best 🙂
Stay healthy…
Keep study hard…
Don’t watch football games too much…
Keep praying…
Eat enough 😀 don’t forget to have breakfast…
Do your best…
Remember me……(noooooo…. X_X)


Ujian Nasional akan berlangsung minggu depan, Senin – Kamis, 23 – 26 April 2012.

Adapun Jadwal UN adalah sebagai berikut:

Siswa TETAP DIWAJIBKAN untuk datang ke sekolah seperti biasa, sebelum jam 7 pagi, dan langsung menuju ke ruang ujian kelas masing – masing untuk berdoa pagi yang akan dimulai jam 7.

Jangan lupa untuk membawa:

1. Pensil 2B

2. Rautan pensil

3. Penghapus

Hal-hal yang perlu diperhatikan:

1. Dilarang membawa alat komunikasi ke dalam ruang ujian selama ujian berlangsung.

2. Jika membawa tas, tas hanya diijinkan untuk diletakkan di luar ruang ujian.

3. Jika akan merasa dingin di dalam kelas, siswa dianjurkan membawa jaket.

4. Boleh membawa botol minum berisi air putih ke dalam ruang ujian dan mohon diletakkan di laci meja.