Belajar Praktis di rumah

Sebagai tambahan bahan belajar (lagi) di rumah, kerjakan 20 soal dari atau

Rumus-rumus apakah yang harus kalian pelajari dan ingat selalu??
Beberapa di bawah ini:

– perbandingan senilai / berbalik nilai
– bilangan dalam tanda akar kuadrat
– jual-beli-untung-rugi
– himpunan
– bunga bank
– barisan aritmatika dan barisan geometri
– aljabar: faktorisasi, persamaan dan pertidaksamaan
– aljabar: menyelesaikan persamaan dengan dua variabel (metode eliminasi / substitusi)
– persamaan garis / gradien
– bangun datar: belah ketupat, trapesium, luas dan keliling
– segitiga: garis bagi, garis berat, garis tinggi, garis sumbu
– sudut-sudut
– kesebangunan: congruent dan similar
– kubus / balok: diagonal
– bangun tiga dimensi lain: kerucut, tabung, bola, limas, prisma, volume dan luas permukaan
– statistika: grafik batang, atau soal cerita berhubungan dengan rata-rata, mean – median – modus
– peluang / probability

Dan jangan lupa!
Quiz Online hari Senin, 2 April 2012

My students visit to the Orphanage

When I saw those profile pictures, I found my self filled with warm feeling as the pictures is amazing in so many ways. Two of my students, holding mentally disabled kids. I asked them, where were they, and the answer surprised me.

They went to the orphanage Sayap Ibu, Bintaro, all six of them on Monday, 19 March 2012, during their holiday.
Clairice, Andita, Marsha, Indriani, Bella and Natasha, you are all youth with true faith, hope and love. At the school, each of you are known as part of multi talented student group.

Bella… THE OSIS president, though sometimes make teachers say “stop talking Bella”

Marsha… A basketball player, arrives 6.10 at the school, yet spend the next 45 minutes to “take a nap” in your car 😀

Andita… another basketball player, enthusiastically facing her progress through Mathematics

Clairice… Who don’t know her? No Clairce, no 9.3 x_x. One who can push teachers to scold “can you just be quite and silent for at least 5 minutes?”

Indriani… Volleyball player, the team captain, sleepy head 😀

Natasha… Once admit “I studied lho ma’am” – of course you did Nat. The one who confidently said “I’m the prettiest student here… “. But you are not just a pretty face as you also have a beautiful heart as you’ve shown through your birthday, unceremoniously spent with orphans, and it was not your first visit.

We can show our care, love and sympathy in many ways. For them, it is through a visit to an orphanage, with some food and stuff (from their lunch money). As for the stuffs, its not just things they bought, but they also give what is precious for them, their own beloved dolls (those who knew them know which).

But the most important is their presence there, to share and fill the orphans need for love. Below are their notes from their visit there.
All credit belongs to them. I really hope they will end up share this by themselves through their own FB Notes.
I think, a story worth sharing to us all, teachers, students, and parents alike.

See pictures here

Read their sharing here

“Girls, you are true friends indeed. Among yourselves and now for them, too. That’s what friends are for, and yes, you do care for them 🙂 “

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By: Dionne Warwick

And I never thought I’d feel this way
And as far as I’m concerned
I’m glad I got the chance to say That I do believe I love you

And if I should ever go away
Well then close your eyes and try
To feel the way we do today and then if you can remember

Keep smilin’, keep shinin’
Knowing you can always count on me for sure
That’s what friends are for
For good times and bad times
I’ll be on your side forever more
That’s what friends are for

Well you came and opened me
And now there’s so much more I see
And so by the way I thank you
And then for the times when we’re apart
Well then close your eyes and know
These words are coming from my heart
And then if you can remember

Keep smilin’, keep shinin’
Knowing you can always count on me for sure
That’s what friends are for
For good times and bad times
I’ll be on your side forever more
That’s what friends are for

Mid Semester Break

Liburan sebentar lagi, satu minggu yang dapat membuat diri kalian re-charge kembali (semoga X_X).

Tetapi, ingatlah liburan yang seminggu berarti menambah waktu menuju 23 April semakin dekat.

Pas masuk liburan nanti tanggal 26 Maret, ayo lebih giat, lebih baik, lebih tau diri “Geee, aku mau ujian nih bentar lagi, ayo dong semangat semangat….” dan kalian akan lebih semangat (semoga X_X).

Salah empat ( 🙂 ) tips untuk membuat kalian tetap pada semangat yang konstan adalah:

1. Don’t ever say that “i am stupid stupid stupid”…. nanti kalau stupid beneran baru deh ma’am Hedy bilangin :p. Di samping membuat kalian jadi merasa diri bodoh juga bisa membuat teman kalian jadi berpikir “yaaaaa dia aja bilang dirinya bego, apalagi saya….”

2. Don’t ever say that “I’am dead ma”am, aku gak bisa apa-apa, semuanya aku cuman melongo, please ma’am, aku gak bisa semua”….. And ma’am hedy is gonna say “yeeeee telat dong kalo udah kelas 9 gak bisa apa-apa”.

3. Don’t be lazy….. litlle – little lazy kadang sebagai remaja bisa banget tapi jangan bablas.

4. Jangan lupa berdoa ya, tapi berdoa sambil berusaha, belajar nomer satu and let God do the rest.

Now, let’s prepare yourself… Especially for UN, BI, English, Math (ow nooo) and IPA must be prepared harder that usual. Keep up your good work, but if it is still not good enough, then you better reach some standards for yourself.
Believe that all kids are smart, you choose your own way. I am one of your “friend” that will help you to find your way someday 🙂

Okay, as usual, you can choose either from or to find the solution / answer key of TO 2 (14 March 2012) and of TO last year (material from 16 March 2012).

Have a nice holiday to all of you 🙂 GBU

Extra Learning Class and Siap Try Out 2 (14 March 2012)

Join the Extra Class if you need it. There will be 40 questions “Siap Try Out 2” online. You can choose either from or

Extra Class schedule:

Date / Time: Tuesday / 13 March 2012

Time: Lunch Time and after school until 4 pm

Place: Computer Lab on 4th floor

Bring: pen / pencil, paper, buku detik UN / worksheet


Check your marks through Student Information –

Before the report card is distributed to your parents, you might want to drop by and see your marks between now to March 16th, through Student Information

To check your marks, you must enter your Student ID and password. Those two has been sent through letter to your parents. Communicate this to your parents, either you or they can check the marks.

The result from TO Ipeka

I want to address some of you based on the title above 🙂

And the best score goes to……… Bill Chunnendy with score 100 🙂
Stella…..with only one small mistake, you have done excellent, as usual
Jo-Chris…….nice performance in the TO
GILBERTTTTT…… how come you can increase exactly 25 point from 45 to 70? congratsss and keep up the good work
Marsha…..same to you :p with 20 points higher
Bella……with 17.5 points higher 🙂
Rainer, Indriani, Jae……..practice makes perfect, isn’t it? 🙂
Fernaldy……you proved yourself, didn’t you? next try out will be 90
Melson, Benny, Brigita, Natasha, Norman, Joshua Sukamto, Eva…..keep up the good work ya, I called it as an progress of your mark from last TO to this TO 🙂

I will address all of you on the next occasion 🙂