Internet Usage in My Family (1)

Written by: Tania Suradja 8C

Day-to-day internet usage of my family


*the amount of internet usage each day is in hours

**my other sister is in Italy for a year

Diagram to represent data above




My family’s view on our internet usage

From looking at the table of my family’s internet usage, the members of my family mostly saw the difference in the amount of usage me and my sister uses and those of my parents’. My sister and I use a bigger amount of internet usage than my parents. My parents said of how we, teenagers, spend much time using the internet, especially on weekends, than they do. On the weekends, my mom doesn’t even use the internet at all, sometimes. So my parents said that it is because they prefer doing other activities on the weekends. My sister and I also realize of a longer time for using the internet than our parents, especially in the weekends, because we spend a lot of our time downloading, browsing, and such.

A short article

Internet has now become something that we see or use in our daily life. We use the internet for work, finding things, for social media, and much more. Not only adults, but children too can be found playing games on the internet. Many houses and families use the internet too now. The existence and usage of the internet could bring either good or bad effects, depending on how we use them.

Looking at the hours spent for internet usage, we would usually find children using them for a longer time than parents. Adults would mostly use the internet for work or only when needed. But many people would say that most children and teenagers spend their time using the internet for playing online games. It has been a topic that is talked of, many times. At times, people would say that online games doesn’t benefits the players, that it makes them forget others, or that we shouldn’t waste our time only in front of our laptop. But some also talked about how you can learn a lot of things from playing those games. Besides for playing online games, children and teenagers use it much for browsing, watching videos, downloading, and such. The internet can’t be expected to only have good effects, but it would also have bad ones.  If it is used correctly, the internet could help you to add to your knowledge. But if used for inappropriate things, it might affect people in a bad way. 

Present day families accessing the internet I think are a good thing. The internet helps people to get to know things around them, and many more. But it is important that the internet is used wisely. So playing online games, watching videos and such isn’t always a bad thing as long as you don’t make it into a habit of using it for hours. And it is even better if, parents knows what their children are using the internet for once in a while, to know that their using it for something good.

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