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I’ve shared about SketchUp a while ago, along with the reasons why I use it in my secondary maths class 🙂 .  Read here!

In Academic Year 2013-2014, the best SketchUp drawing made by Kinley, Michael, Andrew, Dante and William.

First of all, they decided the theme of the project, “Marine”. They planned to draw as many objects situated on the sea, and they did! There is  even a Zeppelin in the sky, and it had tried to attack the navy (Can you see the hole on the Zeppelin? That  saying “Don’t you dare attacking us, we will shoot you” 😀 .

What makes me proud are  both their  efforts and cooperation. They divided each part of the objects they’ve made. Everyone in the team got involved. They also learned it by themselves from YouTube videos about the technique how to draw complicated 3D objects (with the same logic: draw the base first then pull it up). Those objects are the fighters (the one that appear on the picture above), the chopper and the truck.

After they finished all the objects, they made 26 scenes. Each scene shows the details of some parts (including “an office” inside the ship) from different perspective.

Then finally, I edited some scenes and render it into a video in mp4 format and add a song to establish the atmosphere based on the theme. Here it is, the compiled video that you can enjoy without having to download SketchUp.

Enjoy! 😉

*Song by “Royal Navy – Heart of Oak”, from Youtube


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