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Today is again one of the happiest day in my life because my friends, marsha, dita, indri, bella, clairice and I went to visit the orphanage. It is not just an ordinary one, for it contains mental disabled kids. The most tragic thing is that all of the kids there are orphans.

They were rejected by their parents, some even found in the streets, because they are abnormal. Could you imagine how hard it is to even try to feel how you would if you were thrown away by the two most important people who should be the ones to love you most?

Just because of something that is considered failure and ugliness. These children didn’t ask to be born that way. I’m sure that if they can choose, they would never want to be born that way. No one wants to be born like that. But God has a plan, better than any of your dreams, and we, all of us are sent to embrace these children.

God has a reason, and underneath everything His al mightiness shines. We just have to learn to get a perspective, to tilt your spectacles a bit, to flip the pages a bit, to be able to see what is hidden underneath.

This was my third visit in the same orphanage, and I watch those beautiful children grow. For me, those kids are not abnormal, they are not anything ugly. They are identical to us. Though they act and look like they don’t have any sensibility, but I do believe that every living thing do have a heart. A heart that can feel, a heart that needs to be loved, a soul that needs attention.

At some point everyone can feel the same way. I do believe that those kids can sense the most sincere affection. From what they lost, what they don’t have, it is always missing in their lives, a hole in their heart. Our job is to patch up those holes and give them what they deserve. They are just helpless children in fear, building hope each and every day, to find a life that they deserve.

One kid there named Berty, he is seven, but has a body as big as a 4 years old. He has some problems in his head which makes it grow bigger than it should, sizing almost as big as his body. Berty can’t sit or walk, he can never leave his bed because his body can’t bear the weight of his head. Sometimes there is mucous gushing out of his nose and eyes. The nurse there said that he could not survive for long and I was so so very glad to still be able to see him there when I got there. No matter how empty his mind looks like, and how vacant those stares from his eyes are, every time I touched his hand and called his name, he smiled.

The most beautiful feeling in the world is to make someone else happy. Seeing a beam on his face, is like seeing the sun shines ten times brighter. You would never be able to feel the greatest gift in life until you try it.

Another kid is my favorite, she is Umay. She was so much smaller when I got there on my birthday. I played with her all day long, watched her feed. There is one time we sat on the couch and she went very calm when I started singing her lullabies. Every time I stopped she starts kicking me, until I ran out of songs to sing. She turned to me and stared me in the eye for a while.

That was when I felt the happiest, when I felt like she was trying to figure out who I am. Her eyes just said the words I love you. And by that very moment I almost cried, her eyes were like talking, spilling out words buried in so much confusion for so long. Words that were never said. It was lost in wonder and in pain. I felt like her mother that time, and I feel like she did too.

For the first time there is someone who cares for her that much, someone to sit with her and sing her lullabies, someone to watch her crawl on the ground and follow her anywhere she goes, someone to grab her toys when she dropped it. Someone who should treat her and give her attention as a mother should.

That’s what she doesn’t have, what is missing in her life. And looking at that stare from her eyes, is the most amazing feeling you could ever feel in life, to feel like you had given more than enough. As if your purpose in life is completed, to serve others. And that was when I felt a connection between us, a stronger bond building towards her.

That was when I felt like we somehow talked and she somehow told me a message in my mind. I felt like she feels my love and she is acknowledging it, thanking me for giving her the affection she craved for, the attention she was needing. It was confusion as who was her mother, and I sort of felt like she was thinking in her tiny mind, if it is possible that I am.

In confusion of what is this feeling in words of ‘Is this what is called love? Is this what I’m supposed how I’m supposed to feel? Is this what I’ve been missing?’ The tragic confusion that she got because she never felt it before, love. That no one has ever given it to her. And then we played again, and she got really spoiled to me. One of the nurses was always watching us with a smile and said, ‘did you have fun all day with cici? Don’t cry when she needs to go okay’ Umay has turned very attached to me and she would crawl on the floor for a few steps and then turn around to see if I was there behind her until she would crawl again.

We stayed there for about three hours, not realizing of how much time we spent there. The nurse told me to bring Umay home because she seemed happy with me, and I just happened to care for her so much I just have the urge to. I felt like it is an obligation for me to take care of her and watch over her.

We also played with a kid with an abnormal feet that she can’t walk. We played with the toy telephone. And when marsha asked her who do you want to call. Her answer was father. It was really sad to see her miss a figure of a father in her life, trying to call him trying to reach him, but he isn’t there.

Until the time we never wanted to come came. Good byes. It was really hard to carry Umay back to her bed and leave. And when I did she started crying, reaching over for my hand. It was the hardest thing to let go. But I told her that I will come back I promised her and kissed her on the cheek. Somehow she was calmer and she waved at me. The nurse was shocked and she laughed because Umay had never been able to wave. She’s only about 10 to 12 months old.

I was very happy, and that made it easier for me to let her go. I promise I’ll come back again soon. That was the most memorable and meaningful experience in my life. Especially for my friends who had their first visit. At first they were a little scared, as I was too in the first place, but coming home from there leaves you a lesson.

Be thankful of what you have now, be greatful for your very loving and kind parents who are always there for you. Because when you look at these children they don’t have anything compared to you and you have what they always wanted but could never get, and yet they still can wear the biggest smile.

Since I got there I could never forget about them and every time I pray for my food, for my sleep, I would never forget to pray for them. And everytime I get sad, I remember the look on their faces, that huge smile. How it is a shame to curse the life we have now and to cry for what we already have, while those children can smile and laugh with everything going on in their lives.

Never take things for granted and remember that your mission in life as God’s creation is to serve and embrace other people. The most special feeling in the world is to make someone else feel special because everyone deserves to feel that way. Never forget.

When you are feeling down and you feel like you are living the worst life, open your eyes to see a little bit further. Look down and realize how lucky you are. Be thankful for God had given you the best. Your mission is to share it. Trust me, when you’ve reach that point, you will be the happiest person in the world living the happiest life that ever existed. Share love for God made you with love, to love.



Ini bener-bener pengalaman pertama saya ke panti asuhan, awalnya si pikir panti asuhan ank” yatim piatu, tapi tau” panti asuhan anak yang ada kelainan, pertama sebelum pantinya kita (Bella, Indri, Marsha, Dita, Natasha, dan saya) beli barang-barang dulu di Hypermart buat ank” disana, kita beli dancow, beli popok, beli tisue, beli bedak, makanan bayi, kfc, dll.

Terus udah kita beli semuanya, kita langusng ke panti asuhannya, tempatnya di sekitar Alam Sutra, nama pantinya Sayap Ibu, disana kita pertama ijin dulu ke ruang sekertariat terus kita boleh main sama anak”nya, anaknya namany ada Ari, Umay, Tegal (down syndrome), Tiara (tumor pada mata), Deva, Devan, Jelita (autis) Bayu (ada kelainan pada kepala), Nurul (kaki cacat) pertama kali rada kaget si liatnya, namanya juga pengalaman pertama, disana enak banget, anak”ny ramah”, susternya pada baik”.

Kita pertama bagi” boneka, terus ajakin main, udah main dan gendong, tenyata pas banget kebetulan sekitar jam 5 waktunya mereka makan, kita juga suapin mereka, ada yang bisa makan sendiri, ada juga yg mesti di suapin, namany anak kecil waktu di suapin pasti rada rewel, tapi seru banget, makanan mereka itu cuma nasi, kuah, wortel, buncis, sama telur tapi mereka makannya dengan lahap dan senang, udah selseai makan, kita lanjut lagi main, mereka mudah banget akrabnya, terus mereka semua lucu”.

Terus sesudah beberapa lama kita main, waktunya kita pulang, dimana ada pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan, akhirnya kita pulang dan mereka semua menghargai waktu kita sama mereka.



Aku, Natasha, marsha, clairice, bella, indri, pergi ke pantu asuhan pertama2 kita kumpulin dulu smua duit yang kita mau sumbangin ke panti asuhan. Tpi ternyata kita ga jadi sumbang duit. Kita jadinya ke hypermart beli barang2 buat kebutuhan anak2 di sana pake duit sumbangannya kita itu. Akirnya kita ke hypermart beli susu, pampers, tissue basah, tissue kering, bedak, bubur buat bayi. Selesai belanja kita pergi kea lam sutera itu daerah panti asuhannya. Nama Panti nya itu Sayap Ibu. Kita mampir ke KFC bliin makanan buat pengasuh2nya pake duit sisaan sumbangan kita. Sekalian makan siang. abis makan siang kita ke langsung ke Panti asuhanya.

Waktu turun dari panti asuhannya, anak2nya seneng gtu. Pertama2 ada anak yang duduk di kursi roda manggil aku dia tanya aku siapa, aku ke situ sama siapa. Anaknya sedikit autis namanya nurul. Tpi dia kadang masih nyambung buat di ajak ngomong tpi kadang sedikit ngawur. Trus aku sama temen2 masuk ke kamar yang rata2 bayi smua tpi ada 1 ato 2 orang yang umur 5 tahun.

Aku pernah ke panti dulu, n stiap aku masuk ke situ anak yang pertama kali aku liat itu Berti, menurut aku dia kasian banget. Dia kena penyakit yang kepalanya gede banget yang dalem kepalanya ada cairan gtu. Mata dia ga bisa ketutup trus urat di kepalanya dia keliatan n mulutnya juga ga bisa nutup. Tangannya gemeteran, dia di kirim langsung dari orangtuanya. Menurut keterangan sama critanya si. Aku kasian ngeliat dia yang kalo makan cuman aer gtu, gara2 dia ga bisa ngunyah n mulutnya ga bisa nutup.

Trus aku jalan2 lagi ke dalem  aku ngeliat anak namanya bayu dia lucu banget walaupun nasibnya sama kaya berti tapi dia lebih mending karena udah di oprasi. Aku gendong dia karena dia mnta aku gendong. Trus wktu aku mau turunin dia gamau, dia nangis langsung. Jadi aku gendongin trus. Trus akirnya sama susternya di gendong n dia tidur.

Trus ada 1 anak namanya Tiara dia normal tpi dia abis di operasi tumor jadi matanya di perban gtu sebelah. Dia suka maen sama anak2 di sana dia kenalin aku sama smua anak di sana. Ada Deva ( anak yang autis yang suka teriak2, trus dia muntah klo dia makan wortel n telor), Ucup( anak cowo yang suka main tembak2an, n kalo ketawa kliatannya kaya seneng banget ) aku gatau dia sakit apa, tpi dia kaya tiduran doing mulut dia ga bisa nutup. Trus ada Tegar ( anaknya marsha, yang masi bayi tpi sumbing., blom bisa ngapa2in ), Umay ( anaknya Natasha, yang lucu banget sampe2 natasha pulang dia nangis ), bella ( anak autis, pendiem tpi ), jelita ( anak autis, tpi dia pinter kalo makan ) Ari ( anak autis yang kalo marah sering pukul kepala dia sndiri sampe2 sering di marain sama pengasuhnya) Azumi ( anak cewe yang pendiem banget ). Nabila, anak pengurus yang suka main sama mereka. Ada juga surya yang tiba2 dateng langsung ajakin aku main telepon2an.

Trus kita suapinin deva jelita sama bella. Surya sama  Nurul bisa makan sendiri. Trus nurul ngajakin aku main sulap2an. Abis makan kita di ajak main sama nurul surya n nabila. Nurul suru kita nari, trus di suru bikin pesawat. Trus si surya tiba2 mnta gendong. Lucuu banget. Akirnya aku gendong diaa. Trus kita poto2 sama2. Masih banyak anak yang lain tpi mreka smua ga bisa ngomong n pendiem banget. Trus kita main sama anak2 yang lain.

Ada anak autis aku gatau namanya wktu aku said hai, dia ga bisa ngomong cmn dia iktin gerak mulut aku dan dia senyum ke aku n ketawa. Aku seneng banget klo ngliat mereka ketawa.  Walopun aku gatau apa yang mreka ketawain. Pertama kita kira kita bakal bentar di sana, ternyata kita saking serunya main ga nyangka udah 2 setengah jem kita di sana.

Wktu kita mau pulang kita said byebye ke smuanya. Sedih ninggalin mreka, sampe2 nurul nanya kapan kalian dateng lgi ? besok ya ? trus kita ga bisa jawab apa2. Trus dia narik indri.  Kadang klo dia ga inget nama kita dia sering panggil kita kakak cantik. Aku said byebye ke bayu, gatau kenapa aku sayang sama bayu, dia kasian lagi sakit, aku elapin ilernya dia. Pkoknya iler mreka smua udah ada di baju mana2 deh baju tangan. Trus sebelum kita pulang kita maen uler naga panjangnya. Sambil nyanyi2 sama nabila n surya n tiara. Trus wktu kita mau pulang surya cium tangan kita satu2. Sopan banget dia 🙂 and akirnya kita pulang deh.



Aku ke panti asuhan ber-6. Aku, Bella, Natasha, Marsha, Andita, Clairice. Kita pergi ke panti asuhan ‘Sayap Ibu’ di alam sutera.
Seru banget! kita kumpulin uang-uang kita buat beliin barang-barang buat anak2 panti asuhannya 😀
Abis kita kumpulin uangnya, kita ber-6 pergi ke Hypermart buat beli barang2nya gitu hehehe. Kita beliin banyak banget. Popok, bubur bayi, bedak bayi, dll.
Seru  banget deh pas beliin barang2nya. kaya berasa udah mau jadi mami hehehe. Terus kita juga beliin KFC sama beberapa kotak kue pukis buat penjaga anak2nya disana.
Pas kita udah sampe di panti asuhannya. kita main bareng sama anak2 pantinya 😀 mereka semua lucu-lucu banget. ada yang masih bayi, ada juga yang udah lumayan rada gedean gitu.
Kita dateng ke panti asuhannya ke tempat anak-anak yang cacat gitu. Kasian deh kalo liat mereka. Disana ada banyak anak yang kaya orangtuanya ga mampu jadi ditaroh ke panti asuhan terus ada juga yang orang tuanya langsung taroh di depan pintu. Kasian yah 🙁 Disana ada beberapa anak yang cacat mental, kaya down syndrome dan autis gitu.
Ada anak namanya Berti, umurnya udah berapa taun gitu aku lupa. Kasian bangettt. Kaya dia pas bayi udah ditaroh di depan panti asuhannya gitu kalo ga salah. Dia sakit penyakit apa gitu aku lupa, kepalanya gede banget. jadi di kepalanya banyak cairan gitu. Si Berti ini gak bisa liat padahal matanya melek, dia juga ga bisa ngomong, sama jalan. Dia bener2 kasian banget deh. Berti dioperasinya kepalanya telat, jadi udah keburu gede banget. Sayangnya aku ga foto dia jadi gabisa dikasih liat deh 🙁 cuma 1 suster yang bisa gendong si Berti, soalnya suster2 yang lainnya pada nggak kuat gendong soalnya kepalanya berat.
Ada beberapa anak yang punya penyakitnya sama kaya Berti, kepalanya gede tapi gak segede Berti. Soalnya, mereka cepet2 dioperasi, jadi dikasih selang gitu badannya deh kalo nga salah.
Di panti asuhan, aku dan temen2 gendong2 anak-anaknya hehehe. Kita main di panti asuhannya lumayan lama.
Kita suapinin mereka makan. Aku suapinin anak namanya Jelita, dia cantik anaknya tapi sayang dia gabisa jalan sama ngomong. Dia ada kerusakan motorik apa gitu, jadi gabisa ngomong sama jalan, tapi dia ngerti kalo orang ngomong apa. Mereka makannya banyak banget dan cepet. Selesai suapinin mereka makan kita main-main lagi deh sama anak-anak yang lainnya.
Tapi pas kita mau pulang, ada 1 anak namanya Nurul dia kayak ga pengin kita pulang gitu, dia kaya sedih gitu, terus nanya2in kita, kapan kita bakal dateng lagi 🙁
Habis itu kira-kira jam 5an kita pulang. Sedih deh ninggalin panti asuhannya, kasian sama anak2nya gitu 🙁 tapi kita have fun banget di sana! 😀 nanti kapan2 kita kayanya bakal kesana lagi hehehehe…



Berawal dari keinginan seorang dari teman kami Andita untuk berkunjung ke panti asuhan pada hari Minggu. Kami berenam akhirnya pergi pada hari Senin, selain untuk mengisi waktu libur, juga untuk memenuhi keinginan temen kami Andita. Kami pergi ke yayasan yang bernama Sayap Ibu, yayasan ini terletak di daerah bintaro, Alam Sutera.

Yayasan ini berbeda dari yayasan pada umumnya, karena di dalam panti asuhan ini mereka tidak menampung anak-anak yang biasa “normal” yang ditinggal oleh orang tuanya, tapi mereka menampung anak anak yang cacat “tidak normal” dan dibuang oleh orang tua mereka.

Kami memilih untuk berkunjung ke tempat ini karena selain tempat ini berbeda dari panti asuhan lainnya, juga lokasinya yang tidak jauh dari rumah kami. Selain itu juga karena tempat ini sudah pernah dikunjungi oleh Natasha sebelumnya. Sebelum berangkat kami mengumpulkan sejumlah uang ke dalam amplop kosong. Setelah dihitung jumlah uang yang terkumpul, kami memutuskan untuk membeli berbagai jenis kebutuhan sehari-hari, karena menurut kami barang-barang tersebut akan lebih berharga dan bernilai dari pada uang yang jumlah nya tak seberapa.

Maka kurang lebih pada pukul 13.00 kami berangkat menuju hypermart untuk membeli barang-barang tersebut. Setelah berbelanja semua kebutuhan tersebut, dengan kekhawatiran bahwa uang kami tidak cukup, ternyata uang kami bersisa. Maka dengan sisa uang tersebut kami membeli sedikit kue-kue dan nasi untuk para penjaga di sana.

Pukul 15.00 kami tiba di yayasan tersebut, setelah melalui perjalanan yang cukup panjang ditambah dengan hujan yang bisa dibilang cukup deras. Namun semua perjalanan itu tidak sia-sia, karena kami mendapatkan balasan yang bisa dibilang sesuai dengan harapan kami. Setibanya di sana, kami menurunkan semua barang yang akan kami sumbangkan seperti: popok bayi, tisu, tisu basah, susu, bubur bayi, dll. Kami langsung menuju ke tempat di mana anak-anak di sana.

Begitu kami membuka pintu, alangkah terkejutnya kami melihat seorang anak yang memiliki kepala yang sangat besar. Setelah bertanya pada perawat disana, kami baru mengetahui bahwa dia terkena penyakit dimana kepalanya tumbuh lebih besar dari badannya, dan kepalanya itu berisi air. Dan dia juga tidak dapat melihat. Satu hal yang paling disayangkan adalah ia sudah tidak dapat disembuhkan karena sudah terlambat. Dan benar seperti yang kami ketahui hampir semua anak disana mengalami keterbelakangan, baik mental maupun fisik.

Setibanya di sana, kami langsung bermain dengan mereka, sampai pukul 16.30 dimana adalah waktu makan mereka, kami menyuapi mereka. Setelah selesai kami kembali bermain bersama mereka.

Hingga pukul 17.30 dimana kami pada akhirnya pamit pulang, kami sedikit tidak tega untuk pulang dan meninggalkan mereka karena mereka terus bertanya, “ kenapa pulang, besok dating lagi ga?” hati kami bergetar, serasa ingin nangis, air mata seperti sudah meluap dan akan segera pulang, tapi akhirnya setelah berpamitan cukup lama, kami pulang.

Perjalanan kami ke panti asuhan telah mengajarkan kami banyak hal, di sini kami diajarkan untuk lebih menghargai hidup karena di luar sana banyak anak yang sakit dan ingin sekali sembuh dan untuk lebih bersyukur akan segala yang kami miliki, kami diajar untuk menjadi lebih sayang kepada orang tua, diajar untuk lebih menghargai orang tua. Karena banyak orang di luar sana ditinggal orang tua mereka padahal mereka ingin sekali mempunyai orang tua yang sayang dan pedui terhadap mereka. Sekian perjalanan kami hari ini.



Aku sama dita, natasha, indri , bella , sama clairice pergi bareng2 pas senen lalu ke hypermart trus ke panti asuhan. Pas di hypermart, kita smua beliin bahan2 yang mau kita sumbangin, kaya pampers, bubur bayi, susu bayi, tissue basah, dll. Abis itu kita lsg pergi ke arah alam sutera. Nama pantinya sayap ibu.

Kita sampe around 3.30 and pas pertama masuk aja ada anak2 cacat yang lagi main di teras rumahnya. Abis ngasih semua belanjaan kita, kita ketemu baby2nya yang cacat2 di dalem kamarnya.

Pas pertama dateng aku kaget bgt liat anak yang kepalanya gedeeee bgt, dia kena penyakit yang isi kepalanya cairan , namanya Berti. Pas aku nanya masih bisa sembuh ga, katanya udh ga bisa soalnya udah telat. Dia ga bisa merem, kakinya jg gemeteran terus.

Trus ada jg anak namanya Ari, kliatannya sih normal, cm rada autistic kayanya. Ada jg yang namanya Azumi, dia bener2 dieeeem bgt. Aku gendong2 dia diem kaya lg tidur cm dia ga tidur. Sebenernya cantik sih si azumi.

Abis aku liat2 semuanya, mereka ada waktu makan. Pas aku liat mereka makan, aku kasian bgt apalagi si Betri. Aku keluar dr kamar, mau liat anak2 yang udh gedenya. Ada anak namanya Nurul, ngajak2 aku duduk di samping dia, dia suruh kita foto bareng. Dia lucu bgt, aku sama yang lain sering bercandain dia. Abis semua yang gede2 selesai makan kita ajak mereka masuk ke kamar babynya. Trus kita semua main bareng.Ada baby namanya Tegar, baru dateng ke kamarnya. Trus dia lucu bgttt. Jadi akhir2annya aku gendongin dia terus. Aku foto2 bareng diaa.

It was almost 6, and we decided to go home. Kasian deh liat si Nurul, dia kaya blg ke aku kaka kapan dateng lagi? Besok pagi ya? Aku cuma blg kita bakal sering2 dateng gituu. Pas di deket pintu ada anak yang udh lumayan gede lg tiduran , dia liatin aku terus. Aku senyum ke dia , eh ternyata dia senyum balik. Jadi aku samperin dia. Pas disamperin dia ngerti aku ngomg apa tp lamaa2 dia ga nanggepin aku lagi.

Oiya, pas kita dateng ada juga 1 bule yang bisa bahasa indo, dia jg ikut bagi2 sumbangan. Pas kita pulang, dia juga pulang. Yaudahh that’s all abt the panti hihi


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