Is SSA postulate allowed?

Is SSA postulate allowed to prove two triangles are said congruent?
Watch this animation šŸ™‚

Created by: Joshua Jeremy Halim (class of 2012)

Joshua was my student, 6 years ago. In the topic “Proving Congruent Triangles”, I asked students (including him) to make a presentation about the Congruence Test. And he made a flash animation video to explain why if we know two pair equal sides and 1 pair equal angle in a triangle (not a right-angled triangle), we can not say for sure that the triangles are congruent. It really depends on the location of the angle.

So, in the order of the test of congruency, two sides and one angle, only as SAS test, where the angle must be in between two sides. Neither SSA nor ASS can be used.


With the help of Screencastify, I re-make this in to video. Enjoy šŸ™‚

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