Area of the shaded part

The picture below is the pattern circle with the length of radius of the biggest circle is 14 cm. Find the area of the shaded part.
(use pi = 22/7)

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  1. lets name the four circles A, B, C, D from the upper circle in a clockwise direction. Now look at the two circles, A and B. Make a line from the centre of circle A until it touches the circumference of the circle A. Make another line parallel to the first one, from the centre of the circle B to the center of the big circle. Then join the two points, from the centre of circle A to the centre of the big circle and another one from the centre of the circle B to the point on the circumference circle A. This way we can see that it indeed resembles a quadrilateral, specifically a square, which then means that the angles are in 90 degree each. From here we can then perform this set of calculation:

    the area of the overlapping circle:
    22/7 * 1/4 * 7 * 7 = 38.5
    giving the ans of 14
    times by 8, giving the ans of 112

    the area of the area that are not enclosed by the smaller circles
    1/4 * 22/7 * 14 * 14 = 154
    subtracting it with the overlapping circles: (22/7 * 7* 7) – (2*14) = 126
    giving the ans of = 28
    times it by 4: 112

    Finally, we can then conclude that the ans is
    112+112 = 224

    uuggghh bener ga ini????? :/

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