Recycle – PLKJ Flash Project

This semester, one of the topic in Matthew’s ICT subject in his school is creating animation using adobe flash software. He uses Flash 8 and still doing it until this week.

Two years ago, he learned how to draw animation using Corel Draw, so maybe that’s why for this time, he can absorb the lesson about flash animation easier than the first time.

His project now actually is not in his ICT lesson. He combined ICT in PLKJ project. PLKJ teacher asked him to do some real recycle thing or to create something to support the behavior of recycling thing. After confusion so long about what should he do, he decided to do flash animation.

He put effort to learn flash animation prior than his lesson in class to finish his PLKJ project, such as insert song, action script, etc. Maybe his hand drawing is not that perfect, however he tried as the best as he can for now (at least 🙂 ).

Below is his project and already submitted to his teacher.

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