Brochure to My Mommy – Computer Lesson

In school, Matthew learned how to use Microsoft Publisher to create a brochure.
By using his imagination, he created one brochure for me.
My English School hahahaha, seems like I will have my own “International tuition School”.
English lesson brochure from a mathematics teacher? Come on Matt 🙂

But then why the brochure is written in Bahasa Indonesia? You said my English School :p

Anyone interested to study with me with 40% discount? 🙂
*How can I get my profit, Matthew, if you suggested me to give 40% DISCOUNT??*

One thought on “Brochure to My Mommy – Computer Lesson”

  1. waw itu bikinan matthew tuh ma keren kan ? ya matthew gitu loh, mam bikin itu tuh gampang lho nanti matthew ajarin ya oke?? sip???

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