How Technology help in my Class – an experience

I was invited to share my experience in GEGWJ +1 meet up, event to celebrate their first anniversary community in Google Educator Group West Jakarta, about “How technology help in my Class”.

Technology helps a lot, indeed.

So, I share one experience here, towards the event.

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Writing on Penultimate during explanation in front of the class, compile into Evernote, share it through LMS Schoology.

And, when writing in class is not just enough like I said before, make video cast in Explain Everything, share it through LMS, as well.

LMS, another technology that helps me to assist online assessment, in class or at home.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

chinesenewyearSeperti biasa, menjelang tahun baru Imlek, Jakarta dibuat kuatir akan datangnya banjir. Sekarang malah bukan hanya Jakarta tetapi di banyak tempat di seluruh daerah Indonesia yang merasakan kebanjiran. Lalu apa hubungan banjir dengan Imlek? 🙂 Yaaa tidak ada, itu hanya kejadian yang sering berlangsung bersamaan saja dari semenjak saya kecil.

Mengapa Imlek dirayakan? Mengapa tidak? Imlek seperti yang almarhum GusDur katakan adalah sebuah perayaan tani, adalah sebuah perayaan tradisi budaya bukan keagamaan.

Sebagai pertanda bulan pertama dari keseluruhan 12 bulan yang dimiliki kalender China, di mana tahun ini telah memasuki tahun ke 2565.

Salah satu yang menarik dari tradisi Imlek adalah bagi – bagi ang pao (setidaknya menarik untuk anak saya). Anak – anak senang sekali jika menyambut ang pao (Imlek, red 🙂 ), dan semoga para orang tua pun sama (gembiranya karena ingin berbagi).

Rasanya sesuai dengan kata “tradisi budaya” ini, hendaknya tidak menjadikan suatu kebiasaan tertentu menjadi standar merayakan Imlek. Mungkin, tiap keluarga, tiap daerah, memiliki ciri sendiri, dan tidak perlu disama-samakan.

Ada yang tradisi makan malam keluarga besar, di rumah atau restoran. Ada yang masih menjalani prosesi sembahyang. Ada yang memiliki kepercayaan menghentikan bersih-bersih lantai sehari agar rejeki tidak terbuang. Ada yang merasa wajib memberikan angpao kepada barongsai. Ada yang mendekor rumahnya dengan pernak pernik Imlek seperti lampion, bunga, gantungan koko cici, hiasan dinding, pohon uang dan sebagainya.

Kalau tidak melakukan itu semua, apakah perayaan Imlek masih sah? 🙂 Sah saja pastinya, yang menentukan sah atau tidak kan pribadi manusianya masing-masing.

Yang pasti bagi saya, pernah mengalami era “Imlek dirayakan lebih terbatas”, jaman sekolah dahulu di kelas murid tinggal sepertiga kelas karena “banyak yang ijin” tapi tetap ada ulangan dan yang absen dianggap nilai nol. Lalu tiba di tahun 1998 Gus Dur yang memperjuangkan etnis Tiong Hoa dan akhirnya dilanjutkan di jaman Megawati yang meresmikan Keppres No. 19 tahun 2002 tentang Imlek sebagai hari libur Nasional, dan berlaku hingga saat ini, maka perayaan tradisi tadi lebih terasa karena mendapat kesempatan sejajar dengan hari libur nasional lainnya.


Finally, 2015 Chinese New Year approaching, I want to share the wish of prosperity to you, all my students, friends and families:


Maths Project Presentation

This is one of the examples from Matthew’s class projects. His Math Teacher required him to present this topic. Same thing with his friends with different topics. They did peer teaching in class. Good idea! (as long as the teacher still gives summary and correction after that).

After learning “factorisation” by himself (which was very hard for him in the beginning), he came up with the idea to use Power Point Presentation as his media when explaining in front of class.

With given help in video, his presentation looks like “a real video” 🙂 but unfortunately, he didn’t want to use his own voice 🙂 it’s okay 🙂

Hopefully, this video can help other students who need it.

Got Talent

Got Talent is a talent show television format conceived and owned by Simon Cowell‘s SYCOtv company. A pilot was made in Britain, hosted by Paul O’Grady, but after O’Grady’s split with ITV, the series was postponed, resulting in America’s Got Talent – the first full series of the format. It has spawned spin-offs in over 50 countries, in what is now referred to as the Got Talent format, similar to that described by FremantleMedia of the Idol format. ~ Wikipedia

Full stop 🙂 I won’t talk about the original Got Talent TV show. That belong to them, TV owner, TV creator and of course Simon himself 😀

Last Friday, my students, got divided into 12 groups (solo, duo , trio and group),  performed and entertained us all (students and teachers) in our version of KGS Got Talent.

Most of them expressed their talent through singing, 2 groups through dancing, 1 student played drum and 1 group in photography.

Few days before the event, I was flattered when Audrey and Giovanny showed me what they’ve prepared. They told me their theme and the process of the photo and I couldn’t even guess who were their model. For me, that described how good their photography technique and of course, how use the theme and touch up their work in Photoshop (or maybe another photography editing software).

They are not alone. Terry, “the drummer”, also told me how he had practiced playing drum, hurt his fingers but he enjoyed it so much.

And Sonia, Christine, Arianne, Mikky and Didian, who told me that they created modern dance. Dance for Christine, Sonia and Arianne? hmmm no wonder. But for Mikky and Didian? It surprised me at the first….. Mikky always looks calm and quiet, Didian looks so “mathematics” ( in a good way of course 😉 )… but then those image, disappear instantly  when I saw them on the stage.

After the first time I watched Christine and Sonia sang and dance to the tune of Ya Iya Iya Lah (yes, the one from that Japanese Duo), i thought how strange and odd is the dance and the lyric.
“kaki kanan ke depan, kaki kiri ke depan, bisa jalan…..senam yang iya iyalah..” 😀
But the real surprise came from my son, when I recall the song with my son, and he ended up saying that mommy is not outdated 😀

I really enjoyed the show. Really appreciate to Delvino who had the courage  to be a soloist. Great job Delvino, improve your skill and keep on trying.

A gorgeous Cella. If I can say, she is the best student singer I’ve ever heard and met. She own Christina Aguilera’s song as if it’s hers and sang it from her heart. Some day, you will be on the real stage of Indonesia’s Got Talent.

The one and only Bruno Mars (ehhh Alvin) hypnotized  the audience and made them sing along “Count on Me” together with him. Alvin had became a true winner because  he can do multiple things: he sang and entertained us 🙂 Good job Alvin, and don’t forgot what Ms Angie said “we wish you have the same energy in class”.

Gevin…… woww. I admire your voice. Also Elbert, Cynthia, Jasmine and Calvin. All of you really have a beautiful voice.

In generally, one word to express my feeling about you guys….. “Marvelous”.

In the link below, the story from life tweet and video in the event can be viewed now. Thank you for all participant and voters. I admire on how prompt you guys tweeted to vote your favorite 🙂