GeoGebra @EduX – October 2017

On Saturday, 14 October 2017, I joined the event held by EduXpert, in Menara Kibar, Menteng. The event based on their motto, “with the aim of enhancing the integration of technology in the classroom, so that it directly impacts students’ learning attitude and the understanding of teaching materials”, fits for us, the educators.

I had opportunity to share my class with GeoGebra, a tool that exist from 2001. After 16 years, GeoGebra still commit to help students and teachers to discover Math deeper. Solve equations, graph functions, create constructions, analyze data, explore 3D math. Amazing!

Last month, in September 2017, they launched the shiny new GeoGebra Graphing Calculator and Geometry apps. The completely revised design and cool new features are available for all devices.

They also make “Turn your Phone into an Exam Calculator”. The exam mode has been developed to create an easy-to-use solution for paper based exams where phones or tablets with the GeoGebra Graphing Calculator app replace a traditional calculator. During exam mode, students are offline and can only use the GeoGebra app – nothing else.

I (and hopefully Math Teachers 🙂 )love GeoGebra because:

  • It allows me and teachers to continue teaching. GeoGebra doesn’t replace me. It helps me what I do best – teach.
  • It allows me and teachers to plan and deliver better lessons. GeoGebra gives me the freedom to create lessons that I know know my students will find interesting.
  • It allows me and teachers to connect to other teachers as a part of a global math community.

I really do hope for my students and all students who use GeoGebra, to love it, too, because:

  • It makes math tangible. GeoGebra makes visual way, students can finally see, touch and experience math.
  • It makes math dynamic, interactive and fun (fun?? 🙂 ), that goes beyond whiteboard and leverages new media.
  • It makes math accessible and available.
  • It makes easier to learn. The interactions created by GeoGebra fulfill the students’ need in order to absorb mathematical concepts.

So teachers, don’t just wait, please go and explore GeoGebra as much as you can to fulfill your mathematics class’ need and makes your students absorb more concepts 🙂

Below are photos and a video during my sharing session sparks:


GESS Indonesia 2017


This year, I had opportunity again to join GESS as one of the speaker in their Conference Section.

I shared twice. My personal sharing session on 28 September 2017, and as an Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert on 29 September 2017.

In my personal sharing, I shared about Desmos Classroom Activities, a collection of unique and engaging digital activities, which are free for you and your students.

You can choose bundles from other teachers sharing and use them in your class. Or even you can create your own activities that fit for your students and see how they will learn Math and love learning Math.

Here is my presentation:

In my second sharing, I shared OneNote Class Notebook in Classroom. OneNote is a member of the Microsoft Office family. With OneNote, I bring my students together in a collaborative space or give them individual support in private notebooks. And no more print handouts. I can also organize lessons and distribute assignments from a central content library.

Here is my presentation:



Apple Leadership Camp 2016

I was chosen to attend Apple Leadership Camp last month, 23rd – 25th September 2016 in Singapore by my School. With my IPad use in class, I really think that I was lucky and this would be my advantage, personal and people around 🙂 *happy*.

I went to Singapore together with three colleagues from Springfield School.

Day 1:

My first day was started with visiting United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) in Tampines, Primary School section. Actually, I chose to visit Singapore American School, Secondary level. However, the capacity for the participant was over limit.

UWCSEA also have Secondary school section, but we only visited to the Primary. That was okay, because through Primary school, I also could see how they applied their curriculum to:

  • develop a child’s natural curiosity
  • use an integrated approach to learning
  • encourage an international perspective
  • extend learning beyond the classroom
  • use specialist teachers for single subject areas
  • use information technology and library resources to support learning
  • recognise parents as partners in a child’s learning process
  • develop a child’s awareness of the importance of service to others

And all are still relate with my G9 and G10 students.

UWCSEA has been recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for 2013–2016 for its strong focus on pedagogy and teacher practice within a technology-rich learning environment.

This is to answer some questions from my colleagues friends, even though teachers and students there use IPad for teaching and learning, they use it sometimes as the tool only, the education software and applications can be taken from many things not just from Apple products. Truly reflects where the Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for programmes that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate Apple’s vision of exemplary learning environments.

From UWCSEA East, I continued my trip to Equarius Hotel at Sentosa Island, and join the opening Camp Program as their main session.

A lot of sharing, and two impressed me so much. Sandhya Bala, a-G12 girl from Singapore American School shared her experience to make an apps like Quizlet for Apple. The apps will be released around Feb 2017. Can’t wait to see it. Second one, OMAi CEO Josef Dorninger has a background as a social worker and youth educator. At this occasion, he talked about the story and underlying vision of Tagtool for educational use. This was followed by a brief performance and a hands-on session for the audience.

Day 2:

Breakout session started. On this day, there were 5 sessions that I attended.

Session 1: United World College SEA
Recognised as a leader in research-based pedagogical development, the UWCSEA Learning Technology Team shared their story through a mixture of conversation and case-studies. How they started with solid, shared understandings of good pedagogy and drive all classroom practice, including technology use, from that common start point. They also showed how this approach quickly shifted the conversation from “if” or “why” to “when” and “how”. They support teachers in different areas via the development of subject or pedagogy toolkits.

Session 2: Singapore American School
The Quest program. The program around 4 pillars: Skills for lifelong learning, Personalisation, Community of learners, and Time to be inspired. The program purposefully prioritises skills over content and enriches college applications. Quest advisors and students shared their perspective on the program development, early successes and challenges and how it is impacting students.

Session 3: Defining Your Success: Understanding Ideas and Tools for meaningful measurement and reflection ~ Dr. Damian Bebell
For many educators and school leaders, measurement and data are associated with national testing initiatives, exam results and performance tables. Dr Bebell shared the latest generation of ideas, tools and best practices for putting empirical and simple research based approaches within easy reach of schools which use real-time data visualisations and infographics to portray data collected from international school settings. He also showed us to explore how leveraging simple research and reflection activities may serve to better inform our communities through data stories.

Session 4: Jakarta Intercultural School
How do you use your time and organise your people? How do members of your organisation spend their time? How do you know if you have designed the strongest teams?

Day 3:

Session 5: United World College SEA
Continuing from the first session, this time they showed how they measure the success of technology supported classroom practice and discuss various issues and approaches to measuring the success of technology supported teaching and learning. So many examples given, and some of them already used by me *Horraayy* . EDPuzzle, Desmos, Geogebra, Recording your Feedback or creating mini lessons, Khan Academy, etc.

Finally, I finished all my session here and back to Jakarta with happy feelings <3 Thank you, School, for this opportunity.

Below are pictures taken from my trip. Enjoy!! 🙂

Click [Show as slideshow] below, to open the pictures in slideshow view. To see the title of each picture, move your mouse pointer over the picture.

More photos, can be seen through my google photo album.

Tagtool transforms your iPad into a live instrument for inspired visuals. Paint with light, create animated graffiti or tell improvised stories. Use Tagtool for jams, performances or guerilla interventions. Light up your imagination!

How Technology help in my Class – an experience

I was invited to share my experience in GEGWJ +1 meet up, event to celebrate their first anniversary community in Google Educator Group West Jakarta, about “How technology help in my Class”.

Technology helps a lot, indeed.

So, I share one experience here, towards the event.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.30.06 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.30.35 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.30.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.31.08 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.31.22 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.31.36 PM

Writing on Penultimate during explanation in front of the class, compile into Evernote, share it through LMS Schoology.

And, when writing in class is not just enough like I said before, make video cast in Explain Everything, share it through LMS, as well.

LMS, another technology that helps me to assist online assessment, in class or at home.

Student Fair – Santa Laurensia Junior High School 2013

Yang Muda Yang Ber-budaya

Saat fenomena Gangnam Style hampir setahun lalu mendunia sampai ke seluruh pelosok bumi (semoga tidak terlalu lebay sih 🙂 tapi rasanya memang tidak), tanyakan pada semua anak-anak muda dari usia SD sampai SMA siapa yang tidak bisa mengikuti gerakan Psy di video klipnya… cepat sekali di lingkungan siswa SD tempat anak saya sekolah contohnya, hampir  setiap hari di jam istirahat menggelar acara ala “flash mob” Gangnam Style tersebut. Bagaimana dengan anak muda dari sekolah lain? Mungkin miripkah? One Direction dengan “what makes you beautiful”, “one thing”, “live while we’re young” kurang lebih memiliki fenomena yang mirip dengan tari gangnam, “popular to the max” meminjam istilah anak muda sekarang.

Hal ini menunjukkan mudah sekali anak muda kita beradaptasi, mempelajari dan meniru sesuatu yang tengah popular tadi. Suatu kebanggaan dan kerinduan kita sebagai orang tua jika anak-anak muda tersebut dapat mengenal budaya tanah airnya, mempelajarinya dan bahkan dengan bangga menampilkannya dalam bentuk yang beragam.

Walaupun mungkin saja kita pernah mendengar pendapat orang yang mengatakan “Anak Muda jaman sekarang tidak mengenal kebudayaannya”.  Tetapi pendapat tinggallah pendapat, saya baru saja menyaksikan anak-anak muda super kreatif yang menggali pengetahuan akan budaya tanah airnya.

Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013 lalu, SMP Santa Laurensia mengadakan acara gelar budaya Indonesia  (dikemas dalam sebutan “Student Fair”) dari jam 7.30 – 12.30. Seluruh guru SMP dilibatkan menjadi panitia yang di nahkodai pak Nico,  tetapi yang paling membuat sukses acara ini adalah siswa-siswi yang terlibat secara antusias.
Persiapan dilakukan sejak hampir dua bulan lalu, dan diawali dengan penentuan proporsi isi dan bentuk acara apa yang ingin ditampilkan. Akhirnya diputuskan bahwa acara ini akan mengajak siswa-siswi untuk menampilkan budaya dari propinsi tertentu bagi tiap-tiap kelasnya dan total  ada 18 propinsi yang diwakilkan (sesuai dengan jumlah 18 kelas di level SMP).

Setiap perwakilan propinsi harus mempersiapkan ‘gubernur’, ‘wakil gubernur’, petugas tata kota, petugas seni budaya, petugas pariwisata dan petugas pameran kuliner. Suasana kelaspun disulap dan didekor sesuai ciri daerah propinsi kecil bak layaknya kita memasuki anjungan di TMII. Menjelang seminggu sebelum hari H, persiapan tadi diwujudkan dalam bentuk fisik. Dua jam pelajaran terakhir selama seminggu dipakai untuk mendekor, menghias kelas, berlatih dan pada hari terakhir persiapan, semua siswa bersiap sepanjang hari.

Tibalah hari yang ditunggu. Siswa, orang tua, pengunjung lain hadir memenuhi lorong-lorong sekolah dan kelas-kelas siswa yang penuh dengan semarak tanah air Indonesia. Air terjun Bidadari, Danau Toba, semarak Kep Riau, Jam Gadang, Pantai Natsepa, Ondel-ondel Betawi dan banyak lagi lainnya.

Setelah upacara pembukaan, acara dilanjutkan dengan presentasi budaya ke-18 propinsi di masing-masing kelas. ’Gubernur Propinsi’ dan seluruh stafnya sigap menjelaskan segala ragam budaya, kesenian, penduduk, mata pencaharian, sosial ekonomi termasuk tentunya ragam kuliner yang dipamerkan dan dijelaskan dengan mantap dan bersemangat.

Maka “Tigerz Airways” pun memulai perjalanan keliling Indonesia……… 🙂

Gregory Jany dan Shania kalian cocok sekali jadi MC, pernah jadi MC di mana ya? Tasha dan Michelle, sebagai gadis Bali, mantap sekali, belum lagi nuansa kain poleng  yang dipadu dengan tulisan “eat, pray and love” saya pikir akan berjumpa dengan Julia Robert 🙂

“Gubernur” Maluku, Goldan, sudah cocok sekali memerankan pesona “Nyong Ambon”, lagu “Ayo mama jangan mama marah beta” jadi terkenang waktu dimarahi oleh mama 🙂

Goldian, Patricia, Samuel, William dan teman-teman di Jawa Barat sudah lancar ya berbahasa Sunda nya….meni hebring atuh :)…. Jason, Andrew, Karensa dan Matthew pakai pakaian Papuanya mantap lho…. Rachel dan Liovicine cocok sekali kalian di gerbang Serambi Mekah nan megah.

Eh, ada rumah Bang Doel? Iyaaa benar rumah Si Doel di jalan lorong “colombus” no. 9A 😉 lengkap dengan sepeda babeh dan ondel-ondelnya, yang membuat tangan Axel sedikit tergores kena rangka bambu…. (tapi tidak ada artinya ya Xel, dibanding keceriaan pada hari itu)…

Danau Tobaaaaa……ow nooo, luar biasa Pattie, Clara, Mario dan kawan-kawan, horas 🙂 . Aldi dan Isabel, kayaknya kalian nyaman tampil di atas “ketwok”……. “kewl” abis 😉 Yang satu dari “Kepulauan Riau”, yang satu dari “Nusa Tenggara Timur”…

Saya terkesima dan baru tahu dengan air terjun Bidadari di Sumatera Selatan….wowww 9E kalian membuat miniaturnya dengan sangat indah, salut 🙂 .

Kadang saya suka bingung akhir-akhir ini, mengapa udara panassss sekali, tapi akhirnya ketemu juga jawabannya, bahwa ternyata salah satu lorong sekolah kita dilalui oleh garis khatulistiwa 😉 Abraham, proficiat untukmu dan rekan-rekan  yang menghadirkan simbol Pontianak dengan menarik.

Aduuuuhhh memang tidak cukup rasanya sekelumit cerita di atas….. Inginnya menyebut semuanya…. Tapi, lebih mudah lihat foto dan nonton video kali ya…




Untuk menambah semangat siswa, penjurianpun dilakukan saat mereka mempresentasikan hal tersebut. Bagi saya, semua adalah pemenang, tapi guru-guru sepakat akan dipilih yang terbaik diantara yang baik :)Selamat kepada 7C, 8F dan 9A, dewi fortuna sedang berpihak kepada kalian 🙂

Puncak acara hari itu adalah peragaan busana daerah yang diwakili oleh sepasang muda mudi berpakaian daerah yang diwakilinya. Sambil melenggang di atas “ketwok” 😉 mereka terlihat bangga dalam balutan busananya, maju melangkah ke hadapan ratusan teman-teman dan para pengunjung lain untuk menyampaikan beberapa kata sambutan yang mewakili daerahnya.

Saya tersenyum, bangga dan terharu menyaksikan kegembiraan dan antusiasme mereka semua. Anak-anak yang menggunakan “multiple intelligence” mereka untuk tampil secara maksimal pada hari itu. Sekolah tidak terjebak hanya mengandalkan prestasi akademis semata, tetapi menghargai siswa sebagai anak muda, anak manusia, yang memiliki segala potensi dan kemampuannya yang harus dilihat dan dibantu kembangkan agar dapat mengeluarkan potensi mereka. Kembangkan terus teman-teman mudaku, tetap berlatih, dan terus belajar karena salah satu bagian dari hidupmu adalah melewati dan menikmati tahapan sebagai seorang siswa.

Bravo anak-anakku!

Bravo SMP Santa Laurensia…. Maju membaharui dunia!