To help you, recall our lessons….. :)

This is just a list of some sentences that I used the most in class during lesson. I hope you remember, because you can start study from here ­čśë

Year 7:

* Treat both sides in equally (when you add/subtract/multiply/divide something on your left/right, you must do the same thing on the opposite side).

* Translate from language to algebraic expression (mathematical notation). eg: doubled, trebled, comes before, just after

* Simplify multiplication, division, factorisation, expansion…..

* Step by step on words problem. After reading the sentence, let x denote the unknown then derive an equation and finally solve it.

Year 8:

* List the element / member of sets, when the members are listed in Venn diagram.

* Number of element of sets appears as the total element in one set.

* Shading on Venn Diagram can be started from the notation in bracket first.

* When try to draw a labelled venn diagram, first time you must fill the intersection area, then step by step to the other areas.

Year 9:

* To find the perimeter of a combine shape, choose one vertex as your starting point and then you go through along the edges until reach back to the same starting point.

* After recognising problems on PERPENDICULAR BISECTOR LINE and COMMON TANGENT, to solve the problems, you must use PYTHAGORAS’ THEOREM.

* Theorems in Angle Properties that you’ve learned: Angle at the center, Angle at the circumference, Angle at the circumference when facing diameter must be 90 degrees, Opposite angle in cyclic Quadrilateral is 180 degress, External angle at one vertex in cyclic quadrilateral is equal to┬áits internal opposite angle.

After this go to E-learning if you forgot or lost the paper of final exam notification ­čśÇ

Good Luck all on your Final Exam. GBU


Comic feat. Algebra

My grade 7 students had just finished the academic prompt and they tried to retell their knowledge in comic form.

The request was simple, they have to explain what they know and think about algebra through comics. They can either create all by themselves or looking for some inspirations from other comics.

Many of the works show extraordinary effort or ideas but some show both.

Here are some pictures that I’ve happened to shot in class during the process.

MIE Grade 8 – Venn Diagram

My grade 8 Maths classes are doing an academic prompt about  Venn Diagram by classifying objects / people / problems / hobbies / anything relates to their life, then crafting a model for it.

Three classes, Batch 1: 8A, 8B, 8F, did wonderfully this week. Some of the students came up with extraordinary ideas and results.

The basic purposes for this academic prompt are:

1. Students able to describe and explain the universe, each set and how it relates to them.

2. Students are correctly placing each objects in the correct parts of the circle (set).

3. Students choose a unique set that is related to their life (and put theory into practice).

4. Students use variation of materials and equipments to create interesting presentation.

Below are the photo galleries of what I took during the activities and several results of Venn Diagram from 8A, 8B and 8F.

So then, how about you 8C, 8D and 8E? ­čÖé I challenge you to think of something different for your universe and sets.

Menjelaskan Geometri dengan “Geometers Sketchpad”

Untuk memudahkan proses pembelajaran matematika bidang ilmu geometri, salah satunya dapat menggunakan alat bantu Geometers Sketchpad versi 4 atau 5, yang kebetulan dipakai di sekolah. Memang bukan software free tetapi dapat dicoba karena ada link untuk trial saja.

Berikut ini sharing saya tentang pembelajaran matematika menggunakan GSP versi 4.06 yang memperlihatkan dengan mudah dan cepat bahwa panjang garis apotema tali busur lingkaran memenuhi teorema pythagoras. (Memudahkan proses pembelajaran yang hanya satu jam pelajaran di kelas, untuk sketsa lingkaran dan unsur-unsur di dalamnya).


Silahkan klik link di bawah ini untuk melihat-lihat situs resmi dari produk GSP dan jika berkenan dengan budget sekolah, sangat berguna untuk guru seperti kita. Selamat mencoba ­čÖé

Sebelum menggunakan GSP, untuk memulai belajar membuat animasi sederhana, free software Geogebra pun mudah didapat dan digunakan untuk melakukan coba-coba.

Introduction: Fundamental Algebra – video flash

Hmm…… what should I do to start lesson about algebra for grade 7 students? By giving them definition? owww noooo, check it out the two definitions below:

“Algebra is the mathematics of generalized arithmetical operations”┬á(source: wordnet30)

“Algebra is that branch of mathematics which treats of the relations and properties of quantity by means of letters and other symbols. It is applicable to those relations that are true of every kind of magnitude” (source: webster1913)

What’s that??? why is so hard to understand those words?

Some of students will cheer up when their hear the word “algebra”…..”yeaaayyy, I’ve learned it since I was young at …….. (mentioned one famous tuition for algebra ;))

Some of students will sad and scream “noooo, not that one, I don’t understand why should I get annoyed by those letters”

Below is just a sharing from me when I presented the introduction to my students in class why they should learn algebra, using video flash presentation.