Teaching Learning:

  • Invite students to be active
  • Teacher and students involve in process
  • Create curriculum environment in class
  • Curriculum is in teacher’s hand
  • Always remind students that in learning process condition, they will follow: lesson, guided assessment and individual assessment
  • Provide worksheet and discuss it with students
  • Teacher concerns
  • Appreciate students’ process, that will be reflected in the marking system
  • High Expectation in many areas of learning
  • Follow the lesson plan and try to “respect” on what you have created and designed on teaching learning
  • Use the past paper to check the readiness of students

Teaching for the Test:

  • Always “test” students with test condition not in learning condition
  • Follow the procedure: test – retest – remedial test
  • Give worksheet too much and don’t care how can they complete it, all or some?
  • Students’ fault
  • Too many schedule of tests or exams
  • Always feel “don’t have enough time” to teach
  • Create so many extra lesson
  • High Expectation on result only
  • Lesson Plan only as “a homework” for teachers
  • Use the past paper to test students



Ujian Nasional

  • No variation, all questions in multiple choices
  • The more you have the try out, the more that you look so dedicated in teaching
  • Need a person who can translate what is written in BSNP letter about UN procedure
  • Sometimes the questions are so hard, need higher level thinking but students are not allowed to express the complex working
  • Result oriented only because it reflects students pass or fail

Any Standardized Tests

  • Most people still think that to get the good result, use “teaching for the test” method
  • Level of difficulties of questions clearer. Students can show their answer by working
  • Result oriented
  • When stuck with a standard test, the mind set of most people still refer to the importance of test’ results. This to explain that mostly people agree that there must be a standard to test students whether they fit to sit in higher education or not. However, with the mind set that :
    • A good school is the school that can supply good resources to the higher institution, or
    • A good school is the school with good rank in one district, or
    • A good school is about pride to be a favorite school,

Therefore, result oriented is the most important and sometimes neglect the process of learning itself

  • Some popular standardized tests in Indonesia become more popular since most Indonesian respect graduated from international standard.

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