Apple Leadership Camp 2016

I was chosen to attend Apple Leadership Camp last month, 23rd – 25th September 2016 in Singapore by my School. With my IPad use in class, I really think that I was lucky and this would be my advantage, personal and people around 🙂 *happy*.

I went to Singapore together with three colleagues from Springfield School.

Day 1:

My first day was started with visiting United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) in Tampines, Primary School section. Actually, I chose to visit Singapore American School, Secondary level. However, the capacity for the participant was over limit.

UWCSEA also have Secondary school section, but we only visited to the Primary. That was okay, because through Primary school, I also could see how they applied their curriculum to:

  • develop a child’s natural curiosity
  • use an integrated approach to learning
  • encourage an international perspective
  • extend learning beyond the classroom
  • use specialist teachers for single subject areas
  • use information technology and library resources to support learning
  • recognise parents as partners in a child’s learning process
  • develop a child’s awareness of the importance of service to others

And all are still relate with my G9 and G10 students.

UWCSEA has been recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for 2013–2016 for its strong focus on pedagogy and teacher practice within a technology-rich learning environment.

This is to answer some questions from my colleagues friends, even though teachers and students there use IPad for teaching and learning, they use it sometimes as the tool only, the education software and applications can be taken from many things not just from Apple products. Truly reflects where the Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for programmes that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate Apple’s vision of exemplary learning environments.

From UWCSEA East, I continued my trip to Equarius Hotel at Sentosa Island, and join the opening Camp Program as their main session.

A lot of sharing, and two impressed me so much. Sandhya Bala, a-G12 girl from Singapore American School shared her experience to make an apps like Quizlet for Apple. The apps will be released around Feb 2017. Can’t wait to see it. Second one, OMAi CEO Josef Dorninger has a background as a social worker and youth educator. At this occasion, he talked about the story and underlying vision of Tagtool for educational use. This was followed by a brief performance and a hands-on session for the audience.

Day 2:

Breakout session started. On this day, there were 5 sessions that I attended.

Session 1: United World College SEA
Recognised as a leader in research-based pedagogical development, the UWCSEA Learning Technology Team shared their story through a mixture of conversation and case-studies. How they started with solid, shared understandings of good pedagogy and drive all classroom practice, including technology use, from that common start point. They also showed how this approach quickly shifted the conversation from “if” or “why” to “when” and “how”. They support teachers in different areas via the development of subject or pedagogy toolkits.

Session 2: Singapore American School
The Quest program. The program around 4 pillars: Skills for lifelong learning, Personalisation, Community of learners, and Time to be inspired. The program purposefully prioritises skills over content and enriches college applications. Quest advisors and students shared their perspective on the program development, early successes and challenges and how it is impacting students.

Session 3: Defining Your Success: Understanding Ideas and Tools for meaningful measurement and reflection ~ Dr. Damian Bebell
For many educators and school leaders, measurement and data are associated with national testing initiatives, exam results and performance tables. Dr Bebell shared the latest generation of ideas, tools and best practices for putting empirical and simple research based approaches within easy reach of schools which use real-time data visualisations and infographics to portray data collected from international school settings. He also showed us to explore how leveraging simple research and reflection activities may serve to better inform our communities through data stories.

Session 4: Jakarta Intercultural School
How do you use your time and organise your people? How do members of your organisation spend their time? How do you know if you have designed the strongest teams?

Day 3:

Session 5: United World College SEA
Continuing from the first session, this time they showed how they measure the success of technology supported classroom practice and discuss various issues and approaches to measuring the success of technology supported teaching and learning. So many examples given, and some of them already used by me *Horraayy* . EDPuzzle, Desmos, Geogebra, Recording your Feedback or creating mini lessons, Khan Academy, etc.

Finally, I finished all my session here and back to Jakarta with happy feelings <3 Thank you, School, for this opportunity.

Below are pictures taken from my trip. Enjoy!! 🙂

Click [Show as slideshow] below, to open the pictures in slideshow view. To see the title of each picture, move your mouse pointer over the picture.

More photos, can be seen through my google photo album.

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