Quiz on Monday, 3 October 2011

Guys, prepare yourself for the quiz on Monday…..

Tests for Similar Triangles, Enlargement or Reduction.

Check the completed worksheet out in my class.

Have a nice weekend.

6 thoughts on “Quiz on Monday, 3 October 2011”

  1. Ma’am Hedy, aku lupa email yang waktu itu aku kasih ke Ma’am itu email yang mana. Bisa tolong bantu cari tau gak, Ma’am? Soalnya aku pengen mulai bikin projectnya as soon proposal aku di confirm. Thankyou, Ma’am. 🙂

    1. Dear Stefia,

      Why do you need to know the email? Since to login and submit the proposal on mathematic class, we just need the username and password. NOT the email.
      Thank you. Hope this helps 🙂

      Best Regards,

      Jonathan – 9.4

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